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Casa Davis offers a veriety of decoration services to help you create your dream space. I believe that everyone’s home should be an extension of their personality and a reflection of everything you love. Let’s work together to turn your house into your dream space and make it a place where you can live your most beautiful life.

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This service is ideal for who is far from the Washignton DC but still want to have the incredible Casa Davis interior decoration. It is also a great opportunity for who likes DIYs. The e-decor includes a style assessment, online decoration consulting personalized to your budget, space size, and style. I will also provide a mood board and a shopping list with links, and comprehensive online support. This is simple & convenient service provides you with all the tools to transform the look of your home.

$120 Per Room

Local Decorating 

Are you in the DMV area? This service allows you to have a full interior transformation experience tailored to your style and budget. I will visit your home to assess your decor style and inspirations, take the needed measurements, and develop a mood board. Then I will perform personal shopping of furniture and decoration items, to put it all together. Additionally, I can contract assembling services when needed, refer you to contractors for painting, repairs, removals, or builds, and deliver the interior you have always dreamed of. I will put it all together for you.

Hold yourself because the outcome will blow you away!


$500 Per Room

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Home Staging

Staged homes sell faster and for a higher price than non-staged homes. Although there are no guarantees, the increased sale price alone is usually enough to make up for the cost of staging. 

When you put your home up for sale, you’ll want to maximize its appeal to potential buyers. Your goal is for them to fall in love with your home and easily picture themselves living in it. And one way to accomplish that goal is staging your home.

Are you ready to sell your home fast?

$160 Per Consultation
Service Price Per Project

Online Home Interior Finishings

This service is ideal for those who need help with the finishings stage of a home remodeling. I will pick all finishings for you such as tiles, floors, paint, hardware, closet doors, countertops, backsplash, appliances, light fixtures, showers, faucets, etc. Everything will be within your style, budget, and space size (when I am provided with the measurements).

I will develop the design strategy, perform items research, visit stores to evaluate items' quality and size, and lastly, I will create a moodboard/presentation for the project with clickable links that will make it easy for you to buy everything.

Screen Shot 2021-08-20 at 2.58_edited.jpg

$100 Per Room

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Local Interior Remodeling

Do you wish to update one or multiple rooms in your home, but you are struggling to choose finishings? or maybe you don't want to find and deal with contractors for your home remodeling? Suffer no more! 

The local interior remodeling service is ideal for those who need an interior decorator and design project coordinator to remodel their interiors. I will choose the most perfect finishings for your home and will source and coordinate with all contractors for you. I will pick finishings such as tiles, floors, paint, hardware, closet doors, countertops, backsplash, appliances, light fixtures, showers, faucets, and much more.

$800 - $2500 Per Room

Decoration Project Management (DPM)

As a decorator, my job is to make things easy for you. I can go far beyond!

I will not only provide you with my selection of chandelier style, paint brand, texture, and suggestion of colour, but I will also wait for your contractors, coordinate the job with them, and stay on-site until de job is perfectly completed. You can see it as a complete interior design job, instead of only decoration, but with the price is set aside to give you more control over how many hours or days you will really want DPM. For interior designer's, project management fees are embed in their price, which makes your service cost a fortune. But not here! 

Proejct management _edited.jpg

$30 Per PM Hour

2021 - 3_edited_edited.jpg

Interior Decoration for commercial spaces

Build your business image with Casa Davis!

A well-decorated space is more attractive to customers, getting more people to enter your store and persuading them to spend more time there. I can develop the perfect decoration strategy and put it all together for offices, restaurants, lobbies and other public spaces. From the design style concept development to monitoring the quality of all purchases. The costs of project management are alredy included in this service.

$5 Per sq. ft

3D Interior Decoration Simulation

Looks real but it is just an ultra realistic 3D!

This is an incredible add-on for those who prefer to see the final result before committing to a big change. With the help of a software I can draw the architecture of your room and just like a game we can together play around with rugs, curtains and furniture.

$100 Per Room Drawing

Screenshot 2023-04-06 at 10.35.34 AM.png
Screenshot 2023-04-06 at 10.34.59 AM.png

Terms & Conditions

PLEASE NOTE that the design service fees do not include the costs associated with purchasing furniture, decor items, supplies, or materials such as paint and floors. This service also does not cover contractor fees, and design project management fees. What is design project management services? read below: 

You will need the project management service if your project is large or needs me to be on-site to coordinate the contractor's arrival and departure throughout the project's duration. Also to be on-site to receive the furniture and other materials. If you think you will need these services, please contact me for a customized quote that should include design project management fees. 

Contractors should be paid directly. The decorator will not be held accountable for any contractor's payment or invoices.  
Contact me if you have any questions regarding this disclaimer. 

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