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The statistics are clear, staged homes sell 88% faster and 15% higher compared to nonstaged homes!

Home staging can help your home stand out from other homes for sale in your neighborhood. By neutralizing your decor, you’ll help make it easier for buyers to picture it as “theirs.” Home staging can lead to the result you ultimately want, which is more interest in your property and higher offers.


What does home staging involve? Read on for everything you need to know about this effective marketing strategy.

How does Home Staging work?

Home staging is more than just emptying out closets or removing family photos (both are great ideas by the way!). Staging a home is a mix of interior design and real estate marketing. When you hire Casa Davis to do a professional staging, our goal is to make your home welcoming and appealing. 

As your home decorator and stager, we will focus on making your home enticing to a larger pool of buyers. One of the main ways we can do this is by reducing overly personalized or themed decor. By making your home more neutral, we will be presenting buyers with a blank canvas onto which they can project their own preferences. 

We might also suggest and/or rearrange your furniture in more visually appealing ways. Changing the layout of a room can highlight its more desirable features while drawing attention away from any weaknesses. If necessary, you can rent furniture and decorations to help your house look its best while it’s on the market. 

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What are the next steps?

  • Initial Home Consultation ​

Before Casa Davis can get to work, we’ll want to start off with a consultation. During this meeting, we'll discuss your needs and goals. Following that, we will determine which services your home needs. The cost for a two-hour session is $70. 

  • Define Service Price 


After the initial consultation, we will determine which of our services is most necessary for your situation, and estimate the number of hours and amount of effort that would be necessary to complete the work.

Potentially, we could remove all the old furniture and replace them with rental items or we can declutter, rearrange, and redecorate your house to showcase your home’s unique features.

Once the scope of the service is defined, we will then present you with an estimate. We typically charge a project flat fee for the service. In these fees, we will also include labor and expenses related to commuting. Please note that furniture rental and decorations are not included, nor are third-party services such as contractor's work. 

How do we start?


Once all the practicalities are out of the way, together we will determine a timeline for the staging process. Keep in mind, that it might take more than one visit to stage your entire home. This could depend on your home's size, the amount of clutter, and if your home needs more work done, such as painting or furniture assembling/disassembling. 


Other Projects

I might also suggest other projects, which aren’t included in the cost of staging a home. These can include painting your home in neutral colors, updating lighting fixtures, and hiring a professional cleaning service. We can discuss this during our first meeting.


Contact me if you are ready to stage your house so you can sell faster and for a higher price!


$160 Per Consultation

At the moment, I cannot process payments directly through the website. However, when requested, I can process most credit cards and use payment apps.

Terms & Conditions

PLEASE NOTE that the design service fees do not include the costs associated with purchasing furniture, decor items, supplies, or materials such as paint and floors. This service also does not cover contractor fees and design project management fees. What are design project management services? Read below: 

You will need the project management service if your project is large or needs me to be on-site to coordinate the contractor's arrival and departure throughout the project's duration. Also, to be on-site to receive the furniture and other materials. If you think you will need these services, please get in touch with me for a customized quote that should include design project management fees. 

Clients should pay contractors directly. The decorator will not be held accountable for any contractor's payment or invoices.
Contact me if you have any questions regarding this disclaimer. 

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