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Embracing Moody Rooms

We want to share with you how we have embraced the moodiness of our open concept living room. Learn from our experience on how to incorporate the right colors in a moody space that will elegantly transform it.

Are dark rooms bad? Will dark walls make my house look gloomy?

We guarantee you that these questions and many others have crossed our minds numerous times, even before we painted our accent wall charcoal. Darkness was a concern, and it does not help that our house is built in a way that the sun rises and sets from corner to corner, so the sunlight will never be directly projected into the house. I first thought that the best option was to go plain on everything I could inside the house. From rugs to curtains, we thought that keeping everything within beige or white shades was the answer to make our home look warm and bright. This initial idea was not totally a mistake but it wasn’t pairing with the style of decoration I wanted to create in our home. So, instead of fighting against darkness, we decided to embrace it. Since then, our dining room has turned into more than just a moody room in the house. It is now cooling and calming during the hot summer, and comfortable and cozy in the cold winter days. Finding a balance between warmth and coolness was essential to achieve this versatile atmosphere.

For our space, the key was to take advantage of the complementary colors, which meant to mix a palette of warm colors into the ash shades. For instance, our rug is beige instead of gray or black. Our couch is bright orange, all the plant pots are terra cotta clay (earth orange), and a few of the decor elements spread across the room are gold brass so that we can keep the warmness in check.

We also chose to have the yellow industrial bulbs in our lamps, chandelier, and light pendants, which made a huge difference. As for decor elements, we opted for earth tones, but it could have been shades of burgundy, pink, tangerine, lime, mint, or even yellow. Others may prefer to keep it all on the cool side for an even more moody environment. It all depends on your personal preference. However, you may want to take a look at the color wheel to determine which color might best partner up with the colors you love.

The bright contrasting elements made our living and dining room more eye-catching. Our plants are another unique component that makes a statement. We firmly believe that indoor plants are suitable for all decoration and architecture styles; whether, your style is shabby chic, minimalist, farmhouse or industrial. You won’t go wrong if you choose natural plants to give your home that pop of color.

Looking back, we do not regret choosing the dark accent wall in the main room of the house. In fact, we became obsessed with accent walls in general. Everywhere we go, we are silently thinking, how an accent wall would make that place look better.

How about you? Do you have a moody room in your home too? Have you embraced it or you are still fighting against darkness?

Share with us your ideas, and we will share ours with you next time.

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