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DIY Wood Crate Side Table

This project is made out of simple and affordable materials. The result is a modern farm industrial environment full of balance and beauty!

Click here to see where to find the items I used for this decor

We listed below the materials you will need for this project and where to find the decor items to achieve this look. We linked all the products to Amazon online shopping for your convenience.

*You might find some of the same products at a Home Depot

Set of Heavy Duty Table Legs

Wood Crates (Size of your preference)

Wood Stain (color of your preference)

Stain Resistance Spray

Natural Fiber Wood Brush


You will need a screwdriver and drill for the installation of the legs

Step By Step:

  • Protect the floor and start staining the crates with the wood stain. Preferably, use a natural fiber wood brush. As for the technique .. No secret here, just have fun!!!

  • Let the crates sit for 24 hours before using the spray coat. Again, no secret here, just spray it all over with the crystal clear polyurethane spray.

  • Time to install the legs. Mark with a pencil where you want the legs to be placed. Use a drill to make the holes and a screwdriver to put the screws in place.

  • You are all done!

Send us pictures of your crate project. Casa Davis would love to see how you played with it!

Thank you!


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