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Are you in the DMV area and you wish to transform your house into an HGTV home? So the local decoration service is perfect for you!

This service allows you to have a full interior transformation experience tailored to your style, space, and budget. This service frees you from the hassle of going from store to store or deciding what fits in your space and meets your style.

I will visit your home to assess your decor style, take the needed space measurements, and develop a detailed mood board and decoration plan for you. Once the decor plan is approved by you, I will perform personal shopping of furniture and decoration items to put it all together.

Additionally, through adding the Project Management Service, I can contract assembling services when needed, refer you to contractors for painting, repairs, removals, or builds, and deliver the HGTV interior you have always dreamed of. 

Hold yourself because the outcome will blow you away!

Currently, I charge in full the decorator's fee upon service booking requests. This fee includes the decoration service per room and does not include the cost of furniture/decor, furniture assembly, contractor's services such as electrical, painting, or carpentry.


The local decoration service is tailored specifically to each client, their style, and budget. 

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You’ll receive a mood board that includes a suggested color palette that will allow you to visualize your space and how everything will come together. The decoration plan will be included in the mood board where I will lay out a detailed outline of how I see your space coming together. 

Please note that not all items can be predicted through the moodboard. The moodboard is a concept, However, when performing the purchases, the decorator may be inclined to add or remove items depending on their actual look and design value. 

What is a mood board?

A moodboard is a visual tool that communicates the interior decorator's concepts and ideas. It is a well-thought-out and planned arrangement of images, materials, pieces of texts, etc. that is intended to evoke or project a particular style concept. See samples.


Regarding how to manage your budget, you have the option to have all items purchased by me, or I can provide you with web links for the major, larger, and more expensive items, such as sofas, tables and bed frames, chairs, etc.

Ideally, I will procure the small items myself in person so I can monitor their quality and style. This includes curtains, arts, lamps, pillows, rugs, greenery, and any other accessories that will compose your decor. For that, I must request funds to cover the shopping expenses. I will deliver an expense report with receipts that will demonstrate the usage of the funds.


I will follow up with you through text message or video call to update you on the status of the purchases and the planning of when the decoration of the room will be completed. Also, I will always check in advance your availability for my drop off visits.


Projects could take anything from two weeks to two months to be completed, depending on the size of the rooom, complexity of the design and product availability at decoration stores,


I will slowly or all at once drop off the decor at your home, where I personally will place them in the planned spaces, so you can achieve the most beautiful outcome.  

Ready to get started?


$500 Per Room

3D Interior Decoration Simulation

Looks real but it is just an ultra realistic 3D!

This is an incredible add-on for those who prefer to see the final result before committing to a big change. With the help of a software I can draw the architecture of your room and just like a game we can together play around with rugs, curtains and furniture.

$100 Per Room Drawing

Hannah"s New Look_Unnamed Space-56_edited.jpg
Hannah"s New Look_Unnamed Space-53_edited.jpg

At the moment, I cannot process payments directly through the website. However, when requested, I can process most credit cards and use payment apps.

Terms & Conditions

PLEASE NOTE that the design service fees do not include the costs associated with purchasing furniture, decor items, supplies, or materials such as paint and floors. This service also does not cover contractor fees and design project management fees. What are design project management services? Read below: 

You will need the project management service if your project is large or needs me to be on-site to coordinate the contractor's arrival and departure throughout the project's duration. Also, to be on-site to receive the furniture and other materials. If you think you will need these services, please get in touch with me for a customized quote that should include design project management fees. 

Clients should pay contractors directly. The decorator will not be held accountable for any contractor's payment or invoices.
Contact me if you have any questions regarding this disclaimer. 

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