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The DPM service is ideal for those who have a busy schedule and can not be at home waiting for deliveries or for contractors to show up. Maybe you would like your room to be painted, or a chandelier to get hanged by the eletrcian, but you don not want to have neither of these things to be done over the weekend when you would prefer to relax. Nor, you can miss a day of work to wait for the contractors and coordinate things with them. 


As a decorator, my job is to make things easy for you. I can go far beyond!


I will not only provide you with my selection of chandelier style, paint brand, texture, and suggestion of colour, but I will also wait for your contractors, coordinate the job with them, and stay on-site until de job is perfectly completed. You can see it as a complete interior design job, instead of only decoration, but with the price is set aside to give you more control over how many hours or days you will really want DPM. For interior designer's, project management fees are embed in their price, which makes your service cost a fortune. But not here!

Currently, I charge 50% of the DPM fee upon service request, and the other 50% at the project delivery. This way at the end, we can assess if all estimated hours were fully used and you do not need to pay for the other 50% or if we have gone above the estimated hous. 

Are you convinced this service will save you time and deliver convinience?

So, go ahead and contact me for a customized quote based on estimated PM hours.


$35 Per Hour

At the moment, I cannot process payments directly through the website. However, when requested, I can process most credit cards and use payment apps.

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